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Gifts From Pictures
Caricatures make an unforgettable gift for Birthdays, Holidays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Retirements, Corporate events…in fact any occasion. They are the perfect gift that lasts throughout the years and always puts a smile on people’s face. Unlike the quick party caricature, I take my time with the studio projects. You will find the likeness and details impressive.

This is drawn on bristol paper using Copic markers, color pencils, and pastels.
You can choose any size or standard frame size between 11×14″ thru 18 x 24″.
Starting prices for traditional:
$125 Per Person doing an activity or theme
$70 Per Person Portrait (head and shoulders)

This starts with a scanned sketch that is transformed to a high-resolution quality image. This all done with Wacom Cintiq and my Mac Tower using both Photoshop/Illustrator.
You can choose any size or standard frame size up to 13×19” or multiple prints that would fit in that format.
I also provide standard tablet, smartphone, and desktop screen sizes and a high-resolution file so you can print more.
Starting prices for digital:
$270 Per Person doing an activity or theme
$150 Per Person Portrait (head and shoulders)

Multiple persons, items, activities & rush jobs will incur extra charges. The more time the project takes, the higher the cost.

What I need from you
2-3 clear pictures of the victim 🙂 preferably with a big natural smile and please specify the eye color.



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